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Is There a Spice Wasteland in Your Kitchen?

We all have one...

It's that drawer/shelf/pantry corner that's our repository for our most common spice problem:

We buy too much spice and keep it too long.

This means fresh food we’ve spent time and money preparing, is topped off with seasonings that can be well past their prime. We also run into the problem of storing your spices in an organized way so that they’re also right where you need them.

Spice Miser has solved all that. Our Spice Organizer (Patent Pending) mounts on any vertical surface, like the inside of your kitchen cabinet, and displays 18 of your favorite herbs and spices. 

We package our spices in re-sealable, rounded tablespoon pouches and they come with clearly marked freshness dates. We stock only the finest, high-quality herbs, spices, and blends from 21 different, premium suppliers.

So is it time to get rid of the wasteland - and throw out all those expired spices that are sitting in hard to find places - and replace them with the Spice Miser Spice Organizer? Sign up for our replenishment service and we'll send you the spice you need when you need it. 

Imagine, never be without fresh spice again.

What I really love is being able to see my spices, plainly and openly - it makes me a much more creative cook.

Chris Deighan

Private Chef

About Us

Chris and Kathryn


Mom started Spice Miser in 2009 out of the frustration of having to buy spice that expired before she could use it all. She painstakingly selected 180 herbs, spices, and blends from 21 countries.

Dad then set up shop in Detroit's Eastern Market selling resealable, rounded tablespoon packets for $.99. Daughter-in-law Julie soon joined to help stock Spice Miser in 40 Metro Detroit stores including Whole Foods and Westborn Market.

Now her son, Chris, and Kathryn's idea of a spice organizer and automatic replenishing service is available on the web.

When you buy our Spice Miser Spice Organizer (Patent Pending) you receive 18 of our premium spice packets with clearly marked freshness dates and our Spice Organizer. You also get our promise to contact you when those spices are no longer fresh. We want to make it easy for you to never worry about fresh spice again.

Great idea Mom: All the spice you need. No more and no less.